♥ Zombie Attack ♥

On Sunday, 8/29 at 8:29pm, Bardstown Road in Louisville was taken over by hundreds of ghouls and zombies! It was the 6th Annual Louisville Zombie Attack, and I went down to see all the action!

I met up with Rob and JJ, who I met at the Highlands Photo Walk / SmugMug Meetup on Wednesday. I also met Tim, who is a member of the SmugMug Meetup group, but couldn't make it to the Photo Walk.

Due to a very frustrating traffic situation downtown (the Iron Man Triathlon was the same day, and it took me almost 2 hours to drive what should have only taken me about 15 min!), I made it to Bardstown Road and found the guys just in the nick of time!

At exactly 8:29pm, zombies of all ages (from 3 weeks to 80 years!) flooded the street and groaned and stumbled their way a few blocks down to where there was big street party with live music, beer, and pizza. They were running around, chasing and biting each other, screaming, and waving dismembered body parts and chainsaws in the air! I stayed for a little over an hour and got some great photos of the bloody zombies. It was great how some of them stayed in character the whole time!


Here they come!

Poor Hello Kitty!

Blood on the street.

They smeared blood on passing cars! 

  She is a zombie killer!

Random kid in a hot dog suit... 

Lady Gaga zombie

Poor baby!

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