♥ Haunted Hillcrest Avenue ♥

Time for another meetup with the Louisville SmugMug photographer's group! This time, we headed to Hillcrest Avenue in Crescent Hills to practice our low-light photography.

Every year at Halloween, the residents on Hillcrest go all out with their decorations! It is crazy to see all the spooky lights, smoke, and moving creatures that inhabit the front yards along the street. Recently, there has been some legal trouble dealing with the liabilities that come along with such a large crowd attractor. The future of the tradition is uncertain, so I'm glad I got to see it this year...just in case!

I wonder how much their electricity bill is...


♥ Bernheim Arboretum/Colorfest ♥

Today I drove about 45 minutes South of Louisville to visit Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Clermont, KY. 

Bernheim is 14,000 acres of trees, lakes, and nature preserves. There are hiking trails, plant collections, and a visitor's center/cafe/gift shop. Usually, at this time of year, the trees are on fire with Autumn color! But, as I have mentioned several times already (I'm beginning to sound like a broken record!), the color this year has just been so disappointing. There are some greenish yellows, but not much in the orange and red department.

I chose to visit Bernheim today because they were having their annual Colorfest! It is yet another Fall Family Festival (say that three times fast!) in the area, and is complete with face and pumpkin painting, live music, food, hay rides, and a corn maze.

The forest is so huge that I'm sure I only managed to see a small fraction of it, but there were tons of people that came out for the Colorfest, so the people watching alone made it worth the drive. 

I forgot to mention the hair painting!

There was also the Scarecrow Jubilee!

I found a short loop trail and decided to go for a walk. It took me around 20 minutes, and even though I wasn't that deep into the woods, it was amazing how much the trees really blocked out all the sounds from the festival! I felt like I was miles from any civilization!

After my little nature hike, I walked around the festival a bit more, and over to one of the lakes and visitor's center.

Overall, an enjoyable afternoon!

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