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Today was absolutely gorgeous...sunny, blue skies, and a refreshing, cool breeze! I started my day with a nice early morning drive down River Road and a beautiful Mass celebration at the Cathedral of the Assumption. At 1:00pm, my dad and I headed to Churchill Downs for the Fork, Cork & Style Festival.

We had planned to connect with one the Meetup groups, but we didn't spot them at the entrance, so we just went in. We walked around for a few minutes, and then went to find seats at the main stage. We sat through a couple of chef demonstrations, including the head chef from Seviche and a few chefs from past seasons of Top Chef. I have never watched Top Chef, but they looked a little familiar and most people there seemed to know them! One of them cooked shrimp cocktail and a chicken sandwich meant for tailgating, and then it seemed like they didn't know what to do next, so they killed time by making dumb jokes. I was glad we sat through that nonsense, though, because the seats were starting to fill up. We had prime front and center viewing for the main event: Emeril Lagasse!

First, Emeril made a cocktail with cucumber, gin, and cilantro. It sounded really strange. He also said you could make it with canteloupe or watermelon and bourbon. Weird. Then, he cooked honey brined pork chops and hot bacon potato salad...it looked and smelled so good! He is also pretty entertaining, unlike his openers! Haha! He suggested that the next event should be called Bourbon & Bacon...I think I like that idea! :-)

Here are some photos from the festival!

Chef from Seviche.

Top Chef people signing autographs.

The main chef for Churchill Downs. He was the MC.

Dad tried some BBQ nachos from a restaurant in Memphis. They were different.

It was this lady's birthday and she got to go up and taste the shrimp cocktail.

Time for Emeril!!

Potato salad on the big screen.

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