♥ Abbey Road on the River ♥

Abbey Road on the River is the world's largest Beatles Music Festival! It happens twice a year; Labor Day Weekend in Washington, D.C. and Memorial Day weekend here in Louisville. Beatles tribute bands from the U.S. and all over the world (Canada, Germany, Slovakia, England, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden...) "Come Together" on 10+ stages and play for five days. From Thursday through Monday, they entertain crowds while food and drink stands provide all the comforts of a hometown street festival.

I am not the world's biggest Beatles fan (I enjoy their music, but I could go without), but I had been wanting to go to see what it was all about! My friend, Rob was nice enough to offer me a ticket. He ran around taking press photos for the event, checking in with me every so often, while I meandered from stage to stage, sat by the river, and enjoyed the pleasant evening weather! It was really nice to be outside and around happy people and good music!


♥ Pegasus Parade ♥

The Pegasus Parade is a pretty big deal here in Louisville. Packed with floats, bands, balloons, clowns, and even some celebs, it is a must-see on the Thursday before Derby. The parade begins its trek down Broadway at 5:00pm. David, Shannon, my dad, and I went downtown a bit early to secure parking and a seat along the route. We met my friend, J.J. at the Brown Hotel bar for a quick drink before the parade began. He was there to take photos. My friend, Rob, was up on the rooftop across the street taking photos in cognito!

It was actually a pretty long parade, lasting over two hours! Local and national celebrities in the parade included the Mayor of Louisville and Governor or Kentucky, Chilli from TLC, Kate Gosselin from "Kate Plus 8" and John Paul DeJoria from Paul Mitchell. No one too incredibly exciting, but at least I can now say that I have been to the Pegasus Parade. It was a good time, and nice to be out in the pretty weather with my friends and family! (Lots of photos ahead...you have been warned! :-)

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