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Settled in 1779 by Col. James John Floyd, the Louisville suburb of St. Matthews is technically a city within a city.

Home to around 16,000 residents and situated about 8 miles from downtown Louisville, it is an area of approximately 4 square miles that includes many quaint boutiques, two of the state's largest shopping malls, pubs and restaurants, as well as historic homes and parks. (Photos from agilitynut.com)

Downtown St. Matthews still looks very much like it would have back in the 1930s and 40s. Mom and Pop shops selling fashions, drugs (the legal kind!) and hardware, along with other locally owned businesses and restaurants now occupy the old storefronts and boutique homes that line the streets. Aren't these old photos from the University of Louisville Archives cool?!?

This is downtown St. Matthew's today. "Downtown" is where five streets (Shelbyville, Breckenridge, Lexington, Frankfort, and Chenoweth) converge. It is a hip, young, active area of town. People are constantly out walking from bar to bar or shop to shop. (These photos are mine! :-)

Ok, so the Eclipse bank building isn't that old, but its a major landmark of St. Matthews!

I also happen to work in St. Matthews! Just a few blocks up the street , in a more residential area of St. Matthews. It is also conveniently located about 7 minutes from home, if I'm lucky enough to miss all the red lights on the way!

Here are some photos of the homes in St. Matthews. The word that always comes to mind when I'm trying to describe them is "cottage." It's like rows and rows of these adorable little cottage homes, each one different and special in its own way! It truly feels like an old Americana town and It makes me giddy whenever I drive through! This area is apparently the perfect place for family walks, chatting over the fence with your neighbor, or sitting on your porch swing!

So that's St. Matthews! A cute little neighborhood that is almost always alive with activity and is a very pleasant, friendly environment to work in!

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