♥ Zombie Attack ♥

On Sunday, 8/29 at 8:29pm, Bardstown Road in Louisville was taken over by hundreds of ghouls and zombies! It was the 6th Annual Louisville Zombie Attack, and I went down to see all the action!

I met up with Rob and JJ, who I met at the Highlands Photo Walk / SmugMug Meetup on Wednesday. I also met Tim, who is a member of the SmugMug Meetup group, but couldn't make it to the Photo Walk.

Due to a very frustrating traffic situation downtown (the Iron Man Triathlon was the same day, and it took me almost 2 hours to drive what should have only taken me about 15 min!), I made it to Bardstown Road and found the guys just in the nick of time!

At exactly 8:29pm, zombies of all ages (from 3 weeks to 80 years!) flooded the street and groaned and stumbled their way a few blocks down to where there was big street party with live music, beer, and pizza. They were running around, chasing and biting each other, screaming, and waving dismembered body parts and chainsaws in the air! I stayed for a little over an hour and got some great photos of the bloody zombies. It was great how some of them stayed in character the whole time!


Here they come!

Poor Hello Kitty!

Blood on the street.

They smeared blood on passing cars! 

  She is a zombie killer!

Random kid in a hot dog suit... 

Lady Gaga zombie

Poor baby!


♥ The Cathedral of the Assumption ♥

Yesterday, I went to Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption downtown.

Now, I haven't been attending Mass like I should since I moved here (if you're a priest and my friend, please forget that you read that ;-), but I've really been wanting to get involved in a young adult group and/or a choir. The cathedral has both! The young adult group doesn't get together very often, but hopefully I'll be able to join them when they do.

As for the choir, it just so happens that rehearsals start next week for the new year! There are two choirs, the Cathedral Choir and the Cathedral Singers. The former sings at the 9:30am Sunday Mass, and the latter at the 5:30pm Sunday Mass. I'm going to start out trying the Cathedral Singers, but I might check out the Choir to see if maybe I should join them instead. The main draw to the Choir is that they take a Choir tour throughout Europe every few years! The next one is in 2012. How exciting and amazing would that be?!?!

Anyway, the Cathedral is incredibly beautiful. I have been to it before as a "tourist," I suppose, but had never gone into the sanctuary because there was always something going on inside when I passed by. It's not as big as I expected, which I like, and the richness of the colors and the architecture are amazing! The entire ceiling is a deep blue and has countless gold stars across it. The stained glass is so pretty, and there are rows of ornate columns and arches leading up to the altar.

The music was perfect. Since its still the summer, they did not have a choir, but just a piano, violin, and a cantor. By the way, I think I'm in love with the cantor. His voice was fantastic! Lol!

It was a really good Mass. I liked the priest (although he is retiring next year, so they'll be getting someone new soon) and I'm so excited to become more involved in the life of the Church again! I have missed it.

Before I get to the photos of the Cathedral, I'd like to share this photo I took on the way there. As I was driving downtown, I spotted a man walking a turtle! It was hilarious!

Ok, now here are the photos of the beautiful Cathedral!


♥ Frankfort Avenue / Trolley Hop ♥

On Friday night, I was invited by Michelle to go with her and a few other ladies to dinner at the Grape Leaf and then the Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop. I was very excited to meet more new people and to get to explore Frankfort Avenue!

We planned to meet at the restaurant at 6:30pm, but since I left straight from work, I got there about 30 minutes early. I found a spot to park, and then decided to walk a little bit along Frankfort while I still had daylight to take some photos. The first thing I did was sample some freshly made apple cider. The group had an old fashioned apple press. They poured apples into it by the bucket-full, turned the crank, and out poured fresh, pure apple juice! It was a little tart, but really tasty and refreshing.

After my little cup of cider, I walked a few blocks down Frankfort and then made my way to the Grape Leaf to meet the girls.

I had met both Michelle and Joelle each once before, but I got to meet Amy and Emily for the first time. They are all very nice girls, and we had a great Mediterranean dinner. Three of us ordered the Spanish Burrito, and it was pretty tasty.

We sat on the patio, and it was PERFECT weather! It was shaded with grape vines and was nice and cool, and the fans they have on the patio provide a really nice breeze. It was wonderful!

The service was very slow, and dinner took about 2 hours. By the time we finished, it was almost dark! We started walking along Frankfort and our first stop was to taste some tea (I had a Honey Vanilla flavor). We went into the little tea shop and a couple of the girls bought some different flavor teas.

After the tea stop, we walked all the way to the end of the rows of restaurants and boutiques. We stopped into a few places, but most shops were already closed up for the night. I think we decided that dinner just took too long, and that next time it would be good to get an earlier start. We looked for a trolley, but they didn't seem to be coming by very often. Once we got to the end of the line, we turned around and headed back. Even though we didn't get to ride a trolley this time, or go into very many shops, it was still really nice to spend some time with the girls and to stroll along such a neat street!

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