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Since I was out of town on my birthday a couple of weeks ago, some of my coworkers have been anxious to have a birthday celebration dinner with me. We had tried a couple of times to get something together, but had been unsuccessful. Finally, Zoe, Megan and I decided to just go, and tonight was the night! The first thought was to go to Tumbleweed, but then I decided that I really wanted to go a true Louisville place, not just a chain restuarant. So, after work, Zoe and I drove just a few minutes away to Saints on Breckenridge Lane in St. Matthew's.

Waitress Zoe is ready to take your order!

It really was just water in that cup, I promise!!

When we first arrived, we were the only ones there (hence all the goofy photos!)! We sat down, and it actually took quite a while for someone to come take our drink orders and bring us menus. We weren't in any kind of hurry, so it wasn't really too big of a deal. I had been told by a friend just this afternoon that Saints has really good cheese bread, so we decided to order it as an appetizer while we waited for Megan to arrive. We had no idea that it was a pizza-sized tray of deliciousness! Cheese, bread and garlic...do you really need anything else in life?!?! Hehe.

By the time Megan joined us, the restaurant was starting to get a little busier and they were setting up a table at the front of the room for some sort of event. We weren't sure what was going on, but then a man announced that it was Trivia Night! There were two guys, Casey and Chris (who has the same birthday as me...even the same year!), sitting at the table next to us and they invited us to join their trivia team. Well, it turned out that the trivia was ridiculously hard and only people who were alive in the 30s (which was true for pretty much everyone else in the room - there was even one lady who was knitting a sweater while she was playing!) would know the answers. Needless to say, our team lost! But, the food was good and the company was good. The service, however, was not that good. Things took forever, cups were empty for a while before being refilled, the check was wrong and it took ten years to get the waiter's attention to get it fixed. I have been to Saints once before (although I did not order anything) and both times I've been, there has only been one waiter for the entire room! I feel bad for them, but the restaurant really should plan for more coverage for busy nights like this.

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