♥ St. James Court Art Show ♥

Ever since I moved here, I have heard about the St. James Court Art Show. The Show is an annual event where artists from all over the country come to display and sell their work.

I didn't make it last year, and truthfully, I didn't think it was too big of a deal. Boy howdy, was I ever wrong! This morning, I went to Historic Old Louisville (which is amazing in and of itself...but more on that another day!) to see what all the commotion was about. I figured I would beat the crowds by going at opening on the third and final day of the show...10:00am on Sunday morning. I could not have been more wrong! It was packed! Finding a place to park took me a good 10-15 minutes of circling and after a 5 minute walk, I found myself amongst a crowd of people that would make even the mildly claustrophobic nervous.

I had a great time, though! As an aspiring artist myself, I was inspired by everything that I saw. I found the diversity and creativity of the artwork astounding...oil paintings, watercolors, pottery, mosaics, photography, sculptures, puppets, toys, hats, purses, jewelry, stained glass, clocks, clothing, shoes, leather, books, garden decorations, metal work, carvings, 3D art, tapestries, rugs...basically anything that could be hand made! And the booths went on for miles! Block after block after block I wandered and browsed all that was available. There was also the typical street carnival food (that smelled great but thankfully never make it into my possession!) and an array of musicians and dancers performing on each corner. It made it even better that it was a gorgeous, sunny, crisp fall day!

I didn't purchase anything, but I definitely enjoyed myself and will come back in the future! Maybe one day I'll return as an artist in the show! :-)

Super cute birdhouses!

LOVED the guy who takes photos of tree frogs! I asked him for a card, but he didn't have one, so now I don't remember his name, but his photos were incredible!

The booths go on forever!

You can't see it here, but these paintings where embellished with strategically placed color-coordinated rhinestones! Sparkly!

You can't tell in the photograph, but these are 3D photos. This man took photos and then cut out pieces and layered them back piece by piece to make a 3D shadow box of each image. Awesome!

St. James Court...at the heart of Historic Old Louisville.

This is where the party was!

 More art!

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