♥ Farmington Historic Home/Farmington Harvest Festival ♥

This afternoon I went to Farmington Historic House for the annual Harvest Festival.

It was an unseasonably warm day, which made me sleepy, so I didn't stay long. This is a great little festival for families, but there wasn't much for me to do. I took a walk through the house, which was interesting, walked around the grounds for bit, looked at the booths that were set up, and then called it a day.

A little history of the Homestead.

A shady lane leading to the house.

The house was beautifully decorated. Photos were not allowed inside, otherwise I would have a bunch here! There was a tour guide in each room giving info and history on the items and decor. I learned that back in the day, home owners were taxed based on the number of doors that they had in their home. The fact that this home had multiple "closets" (enclosed cupboards with shelves) with doors demonstrated that they were very wealthy and wanted to show it off. Wallpaper was also a luxury, and this home had several rooms that were wallpapered.

It didn't feel like it outside (90 degrees!!!) but some of the trees are starting to show signs of Fall!

The back of the house...love that porch!

Live music.

Pumpkin painting....someone else has my initials!

The foundation of an old cabin that once stood on the property. It is unsure if it was used by the family or if was occupied by slaves that worked on the farm.

Making wax candles.

Making linen. Did you know that linen and linoleum both come from the flax plant?!?

 Looking at a pet rat...ewww!

 Pony rides for the kiddos.

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