♥ Waterfront Independence Festival ♥

Every July 4th, Louisville throws a huge party on the Waterfront Great Lawn! There is street food, games for the kids, live music, and of course, fireworks! This year, the festival fell on Sunday and Monday. I decided to head down on Sunday the 3rd to see The Band Perry perform. I arrived at the river around 7:45pm, found a spot on the lawn to spread my blanket, and enjoyed being outside and people-watching. At about 8:30, a huge, ominous storm cloud began approaching from the Northwest. We were certain we were going to get dumped on, and some people began abandoning their spots for cover. I stayed put, though, and as the temperature dropped and the clouds rolled over, not a single drop of rain fell! The clouds stayed as it got darker, and the sky lit up with lightning. At 9:00pm, The Band Perry came on. I couldn't see a thing from where I was sitting, but it was such a nice night that I was just enjoying being outside listening to the music. They sang for an hour, and at 10:00pm, during their last song, the fireworks began. The combination of fireworks and lightning was pretty cool to see! It was a quick display, but still very festive.

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