♥ New Year's Eve Dinner Cruise: Spirit of Jefferson ♥

For New Year's Eve, I went on a dinner cruise on the historic Spirit of Jefferson riverboat. I was accompanied by my dad and his friend, Peggy, and we had a really nice time! The cruise lasted about three hours, and it was a pleasant 70 degrees...almost unheard of in Louisville in January! I was glad, though, because I was getting over a bad cold and appreciated being able to go outside to enjoy the cruise without freezing!

There was dinner, champagne, and dancing. The crowd was more low-key than I expected (I did make a new friend of a gay hairstylist and his man-friend! ;-), but I completely enjoyed being on the water and having the wind blowing in my hair! I didn't even mind that it started sprinkling a bit towards the end.

An awesome view of the Louisville skyline from the boat!

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